Fragmented Friday

yo, yo, yo peeps...it's friday!
woot woot!
and i only have to work a half day today, so i'm so excited to have the afternoon off!

i have just a bunch of random things going through my head that i'd love to share with the blog fam, but none are good enough to have a whole post dedicated to them.

so...i present you with the fragmented thoughts in my crazy brain:

  • i have recently discovered that i absolutely love wendy williams. i used to thing she was obnoxious and got on my nerves, but after spending my mornings with her every day at home, i just love her. by far one of my favorite shows!
  • equally loved as much is ellen. yes it's true, my day consists of talk shows. but seriously, who couldn't love ellen?
  • tonight is our first week of life group actually discussing love and respect, so i can't wait to see what kind of good material i get to share with you.
  • starting tomorrow night, chris and i are leading a small group at church for young marrieds with no kids. i cannot tell you how excited i am about this. being 29 and 31, there aren't many people that we come in contact with no kids. and while we desperately want a child of our own, there's just a level we can't connect on with peeps with kids. now let me say, most of our closest friends in the world all have kids. and we super love their kids (affectionately known to them as uncle cbass and auntie LT), but....well it's just hard to explain. so anyway, we're really excited to meet some peeps that are in our life stage.
  • oh wow, how about that vice presidential debate last night? i really don't want to get into politics on this here bloggy - people sometimes have trouble holding their tongue. so i'll just leave my comments at "wow".
  • my heart is rapidly getting uber excited for christmas. i'm trying to calm it just a bit...let's make it to november. it's. just. so. hard.
  • who watched the show nashville? thoughts? i feel like it's a bit cheesy....but could get a little cray cray.
well now that i've taken your brain in about 40 different directions, have a great weekend!

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  1. I've never been a big fan of Wendy Williams, but if you've been swayed then I may be open to giving her another shot. Also, I think it's great that you're going to be leading a group for people that are in the same season of life as you and your husband. When I was younger I left a small group because I was the only single girl - everyone else was married with at least one kid, so it was more of an affinity and less of a community. Good luck with the group, and enjoy the discussion tonight. Can't wait to hear what you're able to glean from the conversation. :)