home sweet home

we are super loving our new home! it's awesome.
we are absolutely positively beyond blessed.

here's a little before decoration tour....

the back yard - and wallace

the entry way/dining room/living room

the living room/kitchen

hallway and master bedroom...wallace is totally photo bombing all of them!

the master bath and other bedrooms

and then there's wallace again. remember how i told you that he didn't know what to do in the back yard? well this is pretty much what he does all day! silly goose!

so now we are slowly getting unpacked and decorated for christmas.
trust me...there will be pics of christmas decor!
the lady who we got the house from gave me her two christmas trees. one's a 4 footer and the other is a white 6 footer. i'm trying to get brave enough to embrace the white!


  1. USE THE WHITE!!! You can do great things with that tree. If not, i'm coming over and taking it off your hands.
    I love the picture of Wallace in your bedroom. He's so dang cute.
    I noticed the FAB bed that we bought in the spare room. AWESOME.

  2. Yeah for a new house! It'll be fun to decorate and make it your own.

  3. LOVE your house! The brick... that view... the fireplace... all of it. I'm sure you'll have a blast decorating it and making it your own. :)

  4. Congrats on the new house! Moving is always exciting. Thanks for following on the Blog Hop! Following via GFC! Have a great day!