12.12.12. Linky Party!!!

did you know that today, 12.12.12 is the last time we'll ever have repetitive dates like that?
mind blown.

well in honor of things such as this, i'm linking up with Three 31 blog for a 12.12.12 linky party!

it's all about the number twelve.

i feel like there should be a break for a sesame street commercial to say that this post is brought to you by the number 12.

i digress.

you know i love a list. 
in my book, lists = happiness. but some people can find them a bit boring.
so instead, i'm presenting you with my 12 favorite pictures that i've taken this year.
give you a little eye candy!

so these are my top 12....in no particular order

 little bro with little man cove. look at that baby smile!

my older brother and fam. love, love, love.

cuz holli and her honey at halloween. 

my honey at halloween.

 quite possible my favorite picture of jackson ever.

 my first time seeing my nephew jade play baseball.

honey and i outlet shopping at the beach.

my dad, sis in law and me heading to the pond to shoot a snake. this has texas written all over it!

me and my sweet nephew cove when he was born.

me, jade and jordi at lunch right after we moved to texas. one happy auntie!

my rotten dog wallace and his giant paws.

sibling love. makes my heart happy!

you should totes join in the fun with your top 12!


  1. Beautiful pics....every single one of them! I love the one of your dogs crazy big paws. Wasn't this a fun link up?

  2. What wonderful photos!! I love the puppy dog paws... and the yawning fluff ball... But the one with the guns, now those are my kind of people! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Hey Lauren!!! I love these photos, especially of the cat and dog. The picture of "the crew" going to shoot the snake, EEEEK!!!!! Thank you so much for participating in this link-up party. I appreciate your support.

  4. HA! The snake picture made me laugh... I'm from California, so you don't see that too much out in these parts. ;) Sweet pictures!