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alright peeps, vacation's over! i hope you all had a marvelous christmas!
 mine was delightful.
 chris and i have a problem...we have never made it til christmas to open our gifts. so we broke into everything on sunday...which makes christmas morning a little sad. he did very good this year. he got me some new lounge pants (aka work pants haha), socks - because i love them, and lots of accessories. 2 pairs of earrings, a ring, a necklace, 3 bracelets and 2 head scarves. oh yes and a regular scarf. love!
 i got him a cool little beard book, some beard pins, bacon magnets, beard wax, socks, starbucks tea, sharpie pens.

 christmas eve we went to the candlelight service, which was lovely, and then hit up waffle house for our annual christmas meal there. this year was the earliest we've ever been home...6pm. so it was an eventful evening of falling asleep on the couch! christmas day we packed up and headed to my dad's house for mexican food and exchanged gifts and goodies. yay. then, it started snowing. oh it was beautiful, big snowflakes! so we headed to my older brother's house to deliver our sleigh of goodies for my niece and nephew. fabulous.

the last few days have been filled with utmost laziness. i guess that's necessary before new year's motivation kicks in!

i want to hear all about your christmas!

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  1. Sounds like it was a sweet Christmas for you - really good!