last week i went to atlanta for a few days to visit my family and friends there.
it was good for my heart.
it's easy to get somewhat lonely in a new state and having to start all over with making friends. 
i stayed with my granny, which was lovely. reminded me of when i would spend spring break and summers with her.

one morning i met up with some of my besties and most favorites for breakfast. this is stayce, lura, me and kristin. when we were teenagers we all worked at the town drug store together. we have experienced most of our big life moments together. getting our license, prom, graduation, weddings, babies...you name it. heck lura and kristin were both in my wedding. i love these ladies. and it's the kind of relationship where we can go months and not see each other and pick up right where we left off.

saturday afternoon, granny, my aunt and uncle all went to a big church in atlanta (you may have heard of charles stanley) for their annual christmas program. there was this guy doing sand painting. he was on america's got talent. it was amazing. he would paint images, like below, with his fingers while the music was playing. beautiful.

and of course they had a full orchestra and choir. now the church i go to doesn't do the whole choir bit, but i love to hear it every once in a while. it was beautiful.

i'm pretty sure i have ranted to you about how texas has no white cheese dip. i pretty much hate the mexican here. i know...i'm strange. so the first step off of the plane was my favorite mexican place. i adore their salsa, so i require this rather large bowl of it!

texas friends....this is how nachos are supposed to be served! ;) piled high and loaded in WHITE cheese dip. and then i pour that whole big ol' bowl of salsa over it. i had this 3 times, twice in one day. i think i'm good for another few months.

while hanging at granny's, i noticed her doodle pad. i love this so much because i doodle these same flowers whenever i'm on the phone. love it!

why yes, i did buy wallace a sweater! i can't wait to make him try it on!

my aunt and i spent a day together antiquing and just catching up. love her to the moon and back! we had lunch at this little cafe and this my friends was dessert. it's called a mirage. it's a chocolate ganache cover with chocolate mousse inside. oh. my. goodness.

i also got to visit with chris's family while i was there. this is my sis-in-law maddie. love this girl...and i miss her! she graduates in may. where does the time go. she was just a sweet little 9 year old when i met her.

and the brother in-law, nate. love him too. although i'm pretty sure his snotty nose has given me the upper respiratory infection i'm dealing with now. ;)

and i'm soooo glad i was able to fit in a visit with my bff. this is hayley. we've been besties since the first grade. we have experienced everything together. 

my last visit i was able to fit in was with one of my other besties, lyndsay. she just had a new baby....well he's 11 weeks now...and a porker! meet hill. precious little man.

it was so good to see everyone. i only missed a few people, so i'll have to catch up with them on my next trip. one of my bff's went into labor as i was leaving town, so now i have another sweet little baby to see!

there's nothing like going home. i mean my entire life history is in georgia.
but it was also good to come back to my new home. i missed my hubby, and my fur babies.


  1. Going home is so great for the soul. I get to spend time with family for the holidays starting TOMORROW! and I'm so excited (could you tell?). I'm glad your trip was so good.

    I'm new from the blog hop, and I'm so excited to read more as your newest follower! Let's be blog friends?



  2. Ok, those nachos look too too good - it might be missing a few things though ;)