have you noticed the new facebook update? apparently they're making some changes.
my favorite has to be the status update field. it asks, "How are you doing, Lauren?"
really facebook? that's a loaded question to ask, which depending on the hormonal imbalance of the day, could have a very ugly answer.
i think it should go back to "what's happening?" or something much safer.
i mean i could definitely see myself, on a not-so-stable day just go completely off the handle.
wow. as i'm typing that out, i'm realizing i may need professional help.

moving on.

you have any amazing new year's eve plans?
oh don't worry about me. i'll be asleep long before the midnight hour.
i'm a total morning person....nighttime is for sleeping.
but in honor of the great sparkly evening, i have painted my nails in glitter.
or as the lady at the nail salon says, "gling gling".
that's right, gling, not to be confused with bling.

so i'm sure you've heard about the snow in texas on christmas.
it was beautiful for the 2 days it lasted.
however, now that it has melted, it has wreaked havoc on my yard.
the dirt in texas sucks.
my yard is now a black gummy glue-like clay-like mess.
and wallace, well he likes to dig.
he has ruined my white chair.
so i've had to resort to walking him on a leash in the back yard. it's real cute.

and also because the yard is muddy, and it's been cold or raining over the last week, he has been cooped up in the house. and well, let's just say he's quite the piss ant.
which brings me to my next random point.

i heard last week about a woman who went to the store, totally melted down and just got in her van and started driving. she was from pennsylvania and ended up in orlando, fl.
she had just had enough and had to get away. bahahaha!
now i feel bad for the terror her family went through until they found her. but i find it kind of hilarious.
i think i could totally relate...and i don't even have kids!
actually i'd like to do that right now. just go somewhere and escape reality.
yes, that sounds fun. paris anyone?

remember about a year ago when 28 people i knew all at once became preggers.
i'm pretty sure at least half of them are on baby #2.
really god? really?

i think i want a theme song for my life.
one that would play every time i entered a room.
i don't know why, but i find this extremely funny.
maybe sanford & son?
the price is right?
no, no i've got it. family feud.

i promise i was completely sober at the time of writing this.
the inside of my head is a really exciting place to be. kind of like a pin ball game.
bright flashing lights and all.
so glad i could add value to your day by reading this.
you're welcome.


  1. You gave me some great giggles this morning. :). I was disappointed when the post ended!!
    Have a great Sunday. Xoxo

    1. Haha - so glad you got a giggle out of it I giggled myself while writing it! ;)

  2. Newest follower here! I found your blog through the Meet and Greet Blog Hop.

  3. What a great sense of humor...A new follower from the Meet and Greet Blog Hop. Hope you can drop by my blog as well.

    Anne Marie