And so it begins.

it's a new year.
insert michael buble.
it's a new dawn.
it's a new day.
it's a new life.
and i'm feeling good.

you know i kind of like new years.
i hate that it's called new yearS.
its not plural...it is a new yeaR. i mean i guess it's really possessive like when saying new year's resolutions.
but when trying to say i like new years, it just sounds weird to say new year.
welcome to my head.
ok, so let me rephrase.

you know i kind of like starting a new year.
there, that's better.

it really is like a fresh start.
now granted, technically every day is a fresh start.
we can choose to make better choices on any day.
but something about a new year and everything starting over with you...it's a bit endearing.

every year i make resolutions/goals.
every year, i fail at a couple of them.
but nonetheless, it's good to set goals.
it at least gives your life some direction. something to work towards.
and this year is especially different because, well, 30 happens.
it seems like so long ago that i made my 30 before 30 list. and well now it's time to get moving!
there are lots of things that must be done before 30. really imperative.

do you do anything crazy before the end of a year?
typically i don't, but yesterday i ate all of the bad stuff in my pantry so it didn't go to "waste".
yeah that's real cute.

ok enough chatting...here's the list.

Less white. More green. (eat more green; see more green and less white walls).
Positivity > Negativity.
Move the body.
Embrace creativity.
Give God all of me.
Be adventurous.
Be the light.
Love hard.
Stick to the budget.
Be nicer to myself.
Be a nicer wifey.
Have fun.
Let go. Play more.
Make the most of each day.
Have less fear.
Follow through.
Be ready to enjoy 30.

what are your goals for the new year?


  1. Great things to strive for! Happy New Year!

  2. Before you even said *insert Mr. Buble* I was singing it~! Great minds think alike!

    I nominated you for an award! Check it out on my blog: