if it bothers you, do something

do something. seems simple enough.

god has really been messing with my heart in a fierce way.
there are a couple of things in this world that completely wreck and break my heart.
and i'm greatly compelled to do something about it. but generally i don't.
yeah it's great to have things that move us, and bring us to tears about the injustice of it.
but to cry about it isn't enough.
at least that's what god stirred in my heart as i was moved to tears about something this week.
crying about it doesn't change anything.
as christians we are commanded to take care of the orphans and widows. commanded to share the gospel unto all the world.
commanded to love one another and assist others in their time of need.


so sitting back and crying because there are babies with no mothers to love them isn't enough.
crying about it doesn't give them a family. or a good home. or good nutrition and medical treatment.

i seriously love how god works.
wouldn't you know that our pastor said those very words in the message this weekend?
the same thing god had stirred in my heart for days prior.

so it's time to get up and do something.
what may that be? at this point, i have no idea.
but it's definitely time to put this ever growing passion into action.


  1. I LOVE this post! I completely agree - sometimes, in the midst of life, we hear God calling us in ways that we never had expected. Reminds me of one of my posts: http://re-discoveringhome.blogspot.com/2012/12/emily-this-is-god-calling.html

    Love your blog!
    Emily :)

  2. Hey when the BIG GUY speaks, we have NO choice but to OBEY!

  3. I LOVE this - you are so, so right! Often, I let my conviction be the final word, and it shouldn't be. Here's to more OBEYING in 2013! (Stopping by from Halie's blog - love your space!)