paris is always a good idea.

yes, yes it is.

if you could plan your perfect dream vacation, where would it be?
what would you do?

you see, with a new year comes new stresses. in an effort to combat all of that, i'm dreaming up the perfect vacation. if i can't be there in person, by golly i can go there in my imagination!

this town. oh my, it's so magical. so very magical.
our hotel would have to have a view of the eiffel tower. it's a must.
i would like to fly in early in the morning so that we could get the absolute most of our time there.
after dropping our bags at the hotel, we would promptly have breakfast at a nearby cafe.

now it's time to explore the city. first stop...the eiffel tower. and pictures of chris and i in front of it are an absolute must. when we were there years ago, the picture didn't take...and of course we didn't find that out until we got home. i have a little picture frame from paris needing that photo!
and then i will roll around in the grass in front of the tower...just because.

next it's sight seeing time. i think i'd like to just spend the first day walking around paris to get a feel of the city and take pictures. then i will plan my attack for the rest of my trip!
then we will go back to the eiffel tower to eat dinner as a picnic. ahhhh yes.

i want to do all the touristy things.
museums. cathedrals. ahhhh.

most definitely we would spend a day in the french countryside.

i would want to go to a winery and really learn about wine.
i absolutely have to go to the french markets.
eat until i burst. pastries. rich, decadent food.

then we would head to london for a day and visit scotland for a couple of days. scotland is a super must see.

oh why oh why can't i be there for real????

paris seriously is my one major dream in life. i'd love to be able to travel the world, but if there were only one place that i was ever allowed to go, please let it be paris.


  1. We live just about 4 hours away from Paris, yet we haven't been yet! (sad, I know). Whenever I start to plan the trip I get overwhelmed and decide to wait till a later time. Last time I started planning, I gave up and booked our trip to Rome instead. I am really hoping to get to Paris sometime this spring, but its so hard planning with the weather. I don't want to be miserable and walking around Paris in the rain. We already experienced that in Amsterdam, and it was not fun!

    I hope you get to go to Paris one day. And when you do, you should venture into German. Its a beautiful country here!

    -Lacey @ lagjeg2003.blogspot.com

  2. This is a beautiful post! I also want to go to Paris so bad it hurts. I love your itinary!

  3. I want to go to Paris one day! It's so beautiful.
    In August 2011 I got to go to Edinburgh Scotland. It's beautiful there (unfortunately we didn't really get to see much countryside) but maybe one day I can go back. :)

  4. I really would love to go to Paris one day! For a couple years in college, I was quite obsessed with everything Paris-related. I've calmed down a bit since then, but it really would be such an amazing dream come true one day!!

  5. Ohhh, I hope you get to go to Paris too! It's a beautiful city, there is no other place quite like it :) I used to live a 5hr drive away and now I wish I took advantage of that more often! New follower from the Meet & Greet hop :)


  6. I discovered your lovely blog through the weekend hop! The photos are beautiful...especially the little cottage. Enjoy your trip! I look forward to reading more about it!

  7. I meant to say "enjoy your mental vacation!" Oops. Great post!

  8. I am blog hopping tonight! So, hmmm if i could anywhere... i would vote for the heart of the city! food, drink, and site seeing!

    I am your new follower from: http://piecesofhomemosaics.blogspot.com/2013/01/spice-up-your-kitchen.html#comment-form

  9. Wonderful! I would love to visit the UK and go out into the countryside... wander the places where Elizabeth Bennett visited in Pride and Prejudice... love it!! Great post... made me want to visit too!

  10. I love Paris, I definitely would love to go back someday, I was only 18 when I went and didn't appreciate it like I would now!
    Found you on That Friday Hop and am your newest follower, follow back if you'd like:)

    The Real

  11. My brother is super lucky to live in Europe and he has been to Paris so many times! I would love to go some day.

    New follower...found you through the meet & greet link up :)


  12. Oh, Paris... love! Here's hoping you make it back sometime soon! :)

  13. Paris was my absolute favorite city! You would love it and now I want to go again after reading this! Bah! Oh wells, fingers crossed for you and for me! ;-)

  14. This is my dream vacation! I would love to experience Paris for one week.... I found you from the blog hop and I have been reading through your blog and can't wait to read more... New Follower!

    ~God Bless~