Tuesday Tunes With Lauren & Holli

are you ready for some happiness to your ears?
it's time for Tuesday Tunes with Lauren & Holli.

in honor of my lunchtime walk/run, as well as preparing for my mud run in june, i thought i'd focus on a great workout playlist today.
i love a song with a good beat.
whenever i hear a song with a catchy beat, i immediately think of working out.
i like to step to the beat, whether walking or running.
it's very important. haha.

but seriously, i love a good workout mix. it's very easy for me to get motivated with a good hip hop song. but i like a good mix of things, especially some faith based music. i need that. it helps give me that extra push.

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i love my girl mandisa. you may remember her from american idol. since then she's lost over 100 pounds and she loves some zumba. so she remixed some of her songs for working out (it's called 'get moving'). yes!

shackles by mary mary is one of my all time faves anyway, so make it a remix and i'm all over it!

love me some florence and the machine. they did the theme song for snow white and the huntsmen, called breath of life. luh-luh-love this song!

then there's 'lights' by ellie goulding. perfection.

natalie grant - 'i will not be moved'

steve fee 'we shine'

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  1. What FUN songs, Lauren! Do ears burn calories? I'm just sitting here! ;-) Thanks for a GREAT party! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures