happy monday sweet friends!
i hope your weekends were marvelous.
chris and i practically act like an elderly couple, so we got up saturday morning and headed to a movie.
it was really the deal we were after. our local theater has early bird specials for $6 and since movies are so darn expensive these days, we welcome a lower price!
we saw oz.
it was ok...i mean, it was good, but not my favorite. but then again, i wasn't the one really wanting to see it anyway. at least it got us out and about.

have you watched the bible on the history channel?
we're loving it. there's just something about seeing all the stories you've read actually come to life a bit.
i like that they try to keep it close to what the bible actually teaches...
it's definitely become part of our sunday night routine.

finally, somehow, i have found my workout/diet motivation, so i've been going to zumba classes at the gym.
love, love, love.
and i did kickboxing saturday which is always a favorite.
watch out world....i'm back.


  1. I have plans to see that with a friend in the next couple of weeks. Is it worth it? Is it kid-friendly (she wanted to take her 8 year old)??

  2. we watched one episode of it on demand. but i dunno i guess i was neutral about it.