oh no....it's happening

apparently i am becoming one of those obnoxious bloggers where every single post is about their kids...except i have none.
i'm just an auntie complete smitten with my niece and nephews.
maybe since this is my last few days with them before the big move, i'm a little more trigger happy than usual.
so just let me get it all out mmkay?

saturday was full of ball games and excitement.
here's me an the sweet boy watching his little sister's game.
we're cute and we know it ;)

saturday was the little princess' first softball game.
she played very hard!
precious i tell you!

i am totally jonesin' for some intense cuddle time with this little man.
it's been far too long, and he's getting way too big.
he's gonna be a year old in june!!!!

we also had a quite exciting adventure saturday...chris went to the casting call for a tv show. it was fun for him to do something outside of his comfort zone.

and then of course the weekend was full of homework and packing.
the u-haul pulls out on thursday...eeek!
so this week is full of last minute craziness and more good-byes.
hold on to your horses!

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