i love the brits.

i have always had a fascination with europe.
and last year i fell into the wonderful trap that was downton abbey.
absolutely loved it.
but then i couldn't get season 2 anywhere, so i surely didn't watch season 3.
well last week i discovered that i had access to amazon instant video through my prime account.
hello awesomeness!
and all 3 seasons of downton abbey are there!!!!!!
oh. emmmmm. geeeeee. y'all!

and so i have been sucked in, in the worst best kind of way!
i now wish to live in england in the 1900s, wear fancy dresses, speak beautifully, etc. etc. etc.

in the last 2 days i have watched season 2 while i work.
it's a beautiful thing.
and it will be terribly sad once i finish season 3.

i always do this.
i get crazily wrapped up and feel like i know these fictional characters and then i go through withdrawals once i'm finished.
i know full well that the outcome is poor.
yet, i proceed into the abyss anyway.

here's to you downton abbey.

and i do hope you read this with a british accent. i sure did write it with one!


  1. I went through withdrawal from Downton Abbey, too. It was rough knowing that season 4 doesn't start until January.

  2. I havent seen any of them but i know several people who are really into this show.

  3. Major advantage of being British is I don't have this problem :) I feel your pain though.. Welcome to my life with American tv ;)

  4. i loved Little Brittan USA. such a funny show!