wednesday and weight.

my diet lifestyle has been pretty non-existent lately.
wait...i take that back. it has been a disastrous roller coaster.
you know the whole "i'm gonna get back on track monday, so the weekend will be a free for all" but then by wednesday i've fallen off the wagon and it starts again. thus, i haven't gained weight because i'll lose a couple pounds and gain it back, so i'm staying in one place.

so. not. good.

but alas, the time has come to get serious.
first of all, i refuse to live my thirties like my twenties.
yes, the pcos makes it twice as hard as for the normal person, but that cannot be a crutch.

secondly, did you hear? i'm going to paris! (sorry, you'll probably hear a lot about this for the next four months).
and by golly, i'm gonna need some cute pictures and outfits for my little trip.
i want to look on those pictures with "oh we had so much fun" not "look how fat i am".

i have a goal of 10 pounds per month.
that would put me at my goal weight by december.
that means i should be 10 pounds lighter by my birthday.
it can be done. only 2.5 pounds per week which is a healthy goal.
and hey, if i lose more, well that's just flipping awesome.

now, it's time to get the booty to the gym and make the fat run away.
and come on, i've got to prep the body for the ridiculous amount of bread i plan to eat in good ole pari!

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  1. I recently began CrossFit. It is ridiculously hard, but my husband noticed a difference after 3 weeks. I could see a difference after 6 weeks. This is my 12th week in the program and while it is still difficult, I love the changes that are happening! You can reach your goals! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures