sing a long song!

i'm just going to ignore the fact that it's been almost a month since i have chatted with you mkay?
let's focus on the future not the past. haha.
i do have lots and lots and lots to share with you so watch out!

so, it's tuesday and that means it's time to chat about some MUSIC!
whoot whoot.

it is no secret that i love all things hillsong.
i have declared my love for them numerous times here.

well they have a new branch of music called Hillsong Young & Free.
not to be confused with hillsong live or hillsong united or hillsong chapel.
got it?

and this new album hit itunes last week.....and of course it's been on repeat cause that's how i roll.
unfortunately, some of my faves from the album don't have any videos yet, well because it's only a week old!

my absolute favorite song on the album is called gracious tempest
this is the chorus: 

Your love is crashing over me
 It's surging like a raging sea
Immerse me in the wonder of Your love
A downpour of unending graceConsuming all my reckless ways 
My sins emergedYour love have saved my soul

Your love is like a storm

goodness right there.

my other favorite is called lifeline.
everything about that song is perfect.
here's one of the verses that i just love.

Runaway heart in the distant land
I wandered so far still to find You there
There's no escaping Your embrace

With my hope locked in and my future sure
My life has a cause worth fighting for
My soul exists to know Your Name

you know the drill. link up and tell us what's making your ears happy this week!


  1. Hillsong, no matter what the branch...always produces amazing stuff!

  2. I can hear you singing this now! love it