some days require......

i'm full of randomocities today and it only feels right to share.

  • desperate times call for desperate measures. in the midst of being in between grocery trips, as well as refusing to buy bad for me foods, i have discovered something that may indeed be bad. in a desperate need for chocolate, i created a monster. i happened to have some ghiradelli baking chocolate in the pantry - 60% cocoa. did you know that if you add a couple of squares to let's say, a dash of skim milk and a dash of half & half, stir it over low heat, you get the most magnificent hot chocolate? well you do. and it's heavenly. heavenly i say. and now i feel the need for it every night after dinner.
  • paris is literally like 44 days away...not that i'm counting. i'm about to get obnoxious...i feel it coming. one of the things i'm stoked about it the outdoor christmas markets. and guess what? there is one located right outside of our hotel!!!! holla!
  • paris has also spun me into a shopping frenzy. i have now become the epitome of a 30 year old hipster. boyfriend cardigans, riding boots, jeggins....all in natural like colors of course. i'm comfy and in love.
  • the food network has been on a lasagna kick lately and now i must have it. i don't even really like it, but i want lots of it. this is a problem.
  • there is a cold front coming through augusta this week that i am so excited about. i got all sad because my atlanta peeps were all talking about needing heat and i live in a stupid apartment and can't feel the elements! so i'm counting down to tomorrow when it's supposed to start getting cold. i shall open all of the windows to get it super cold in here so i can then cuddle in a blanket. i have a sick, sick obsession with fall time, and by golly i want to feel it!
  • this week i have literally been a cornucopia of emotions. pick an emotion, any emotion, and i can pull it out of my basket of a head. i'm not sure the cause of this emotional roller coaster. some of the culprits definitely may be steroids, lack of meaning, NEEDING to DO something constructive, etc. but somehow the thought of putting a christmas tree up seems to sound like it would make the world better. there is absolutely NOT going to be christmas in october. what is wrong with me?
  • did i tell you i developed an allergic reaction to the shakeology shakes i was taking? yes, yes indeed i have. 2 ER trips and a steroid shot later, it has been discovered that i cannot take such a shake. i told the doctor "but it's all natural" to which he replied "well honey, poison ivy is all natural". hmpf!
  • so tell me...what's happening in your world today?


  1. Somehow we missed fall and jumped right into winter at night. I mean seriously, 37 degrees?!? It's a little rude that is all. I had two weeks of sleeping with the windows open. NOT ENOUGH!

    When are you coming back to Atlanta? Let's go around and take pictures again! Maybe this time of somewhere very fall instead of the city. Somewhere very Georgia?

  2. What is Fall and Winter? Ooh how i dream of those days. Living in constant heat in Dallas does make me a bit grumpy at times. I am so excited for your trip to Paris and will live it through you. Get obnoxious lady- i'm ready!
    I love you bunches