a normal post.

i'm sure by now you've had all of my paris talk that you can stand!
but i'm also sure you see now why it couldn't possibly be contained into one post!

so today, i'm freshening up a bit and chatting about something DIFFERENT!

we're almost half-way through january 2014 already. can you believe it?
i posted HERE about my word of the year - HEALTHY.
and if you don't want to click over and read about it, basically, my goal for the year is to become healthy in mind, body and soul. from television shows to food to what i read to how i act to how i rely on God. a complete overhaul on my brain if you will.

being as i'm 9 days into this journey, i am extremely proud of myself.
for the last 7 days i have cooked fresh healthy meals and i've been completely satisfied!
i've branched out of my little box of food and it's been so so good.
and i've even lost a couple of pounds without the exercise!

i'm really trying to focus on non-scale victories so that everything isn't tied to a number.
it's important to celebrate the small victories. one thing done better than the day before is still a victory!
this year is not about beating myself up and shaming myself.
it's about implementing healthy choices in all areas of my life.

some non-scale victories to celebrate so far:

  • no fried or fast foods in 2014 to date
  • consistent quiet times (reading through Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore)
  • consistent 3 meals per day (i used to be terrible at eating breakfast)
now the real test will be when my schedule is all out of whack because school starts back for me on monday.
thankfully, it's my last semester EVER! but i tend to lose all consistency when it's in session. so i'm hoping that by then, since i'll have a couple of weeks of this new life under my belt, that i'll be able to carry on. it feels too good going forward to turn and go back.


  1. You can do this! OMG i cant believe that the final semester is finally happening.

  2. Your goals are great and it's great you are tracking not by a scale. I gave up on the scale 463 years ago. It is just a let down. Instead, small victories!!

  3. Good for you, Lauren! Great goals. Continue celebrating those small victories. Popping over from Bonnie's Faith Jam.