a quick update

Let's chat about life lately:
  • as part of my Healthy 2014, chris and i bought an elliptical. a big one. an expensive one. but a super super good one. and it's absolutely killing me because it won't be here until next week! i want it now, now, now! i absolutely can NOT wait to start thinning these thighs! (and belly, and well, everything else).
  • so we had a fertility doc visit last thursday....the afternoon of the day i wrote this. i wrote that post before the visit...trying to get my mindset right. and actually it wasn't a bad visit. it wasn't the greatest, but definitely not bad. we're working through a couple of things, so he put me back on birth control just for a few months. he said my hormones and ovaries needed a break, and since we're working on some things, then now is the time to do it. so it seems odd of course to be trying to get pregnant, but using birth control, but i am actually a little excited for some hormonal BALANCE! we should have another update towards the end of february. remember my theme of hurry up an wait? yep. every visit is wait a little longer....it's actually comical at this point. seriously, i'm laughing. 
  • school is officially back in swing and needing much more of my time then i would like to give. however, it's the last semester ever, so i'll deal with it haha. graduation is in may! holla! and we're trying to plan our vacation during that week too. sad thing is that our favorite place to stay has straight up more than doubled their prices so now we're back to the drawing board. who has a free beach house they'd be willing to share for a few days? lol!
  • saturday i drove up to atlanta for the morning to take a few maternity pics of the bestie. she's not officially due until mid-late february, but the contractions have started. sweet little baby's name is ClaraRae. how presh is that? and i'm a little obsessed with this photo:

  • and then this coming saturday i'm heading to savannah to spend the night with one of my other besties. i'm so excited...it's a much needed get away! and i'm sure there's loads of trouble for us to find. if for some reason i get arrested, i'll be sure to share the mug shot with you all. JUST KIDDING!


  1. That picture is GORGEOUS!! Nicely done!! Sorry for the blah IF appt. Going back on BCP sounds miserable...way to have a positive attitude about it!!!

  2. Well, I am glad your appt went better than expected.

    An elliptical! So exciting! I wish we had the room to have one machine in our house. I know the cost would justify the price of a gym membership.

    What a stunning picture!

  3. i want to work out and lose weight but i just lack motivation honestly.

    that picture is amazing!

  4. Savannah watch out! You know i'm jealous because i want to go.
    Love you