oh yeah, i went to Paris!

i know, i know.
who goes to paris and then waits weeks to share about it?!?!

someone that's completely overwhelmed with life, that's who!
but never fear, i have finally gone through ALL of my photos!!!
y'all, i had my big camera, my little point and shoot, and then my iphone camera. 
and let's just say, there was no shortage whatsoever of photos.

so now it's time for show and tell!
i've decided that i will do this in multiple posts, so just know it's gonna be all about paris for the next week or so! i didn't want to just dump a bunch of pictures....i really want to share the moments.
for me, as well as for your daydreaming haha.
since i'm like the lamest scrapbooker ever and tend to wait years after an even before actually getting the pics into an album, chances are i'll forget the little things. 
so i'm ready to tell all!

i'm a little overwhelmed with where to even start, so let's just jump in with the lover's bridge.
there are several in paris, and around the world for that matter.
and well we know i can't pass up a cheesy photo-op.

ok, legend has it that if you put a lock on the bridge and throw the keys in the river (the Seine in this case), then your love will be locked forever.

we looked for the perfect spot and then locked it up!

then it was time to toss the keys.
here's where it gets tricky.

now, i think i've mentioned before that chris and i have never had a purely romantic moment.
something ridiculous always happens, and why would paris be any different?

so here we are, holding the keys.
count to 3: 1, 2, 3...drop....then we hear "clink".

so we look over the rail and sure enough, there are our keys sitting happy on the ledge of the bridge!!!
chris's response: "well, i guess our love isn't forever."

so down i go, on hands and knees.
i had a brochure in my purse that i used to knock them off into the water.
then, as i tried to hoist my big ol' butt up, i busted my head on the cement rail.
and may have screamed a curse word or two.

and then we turn around to find people sitting on the bench behind us...they had front row seats to our show.
they were probably thinking "stupid americans."

and of course we laughed and laughed!

there were SO many locks. it was really kind of magical!
and just look at the view!

i had bought our lock here in the states and marked it with the sharpie and just carried it in my purse because i wasn't sure when we would cross the bridge. but never fear - if you find yourself in paris without a lock, there's a ton for sale right there on the bridge! probably for a pretty penny too, but some things you just have to do!

stay tuned....SO much more to come!


  1. What a cool bridge! Cant wait to see more!

  2. That is so neat!!! And also hilarious/awful that you crashed your head...but, you know...a far more entertaining story that way. :) You should have charged admission to the couple watching!!

  3. i LOOOVE that. Can you believe that Micah and I didn't do a lock when we went? Can you believe that I had never HEARD of the lover's bridge and that we literally stumbled upon it, completely clueless as to what the locks were! I literally had to GOOGLE it. *Stupid Americans*

  4. That definitely sounds like something Mr. Q and I would do - we went on a "romantic" trip to a lighthouse once that ended up with me in tears because my legs hurt from all the steps.