i'm coming at you live from the snowpocalypse

yes, yes, atlanta has been on the news quite a bit lately for our, um, lack of snow knowledge.
don't hold it against us.
this mess happens like once every 10 years.

and right now we're in the midst of it again!
my town is currently iced over and shut down.
our power keeps flickering in and out.....
don't worry, we have a gas fireplace should the power completely leave us.

so...this week is good ol' valentine's day.
honestly, i've never been a fan.
it's kind of overrated.

but this year. oh this year it's going to be a fiesta!
why you ask?
oh no biggie. just chris having another semen analysis.
how perfect right!?
we're shooting for an increase in numbers.
no pun intended.
oh i make myself laugh!

well i'm off to go cuddle some more with my fur babies and stay warm until all this ice decides to melt.
looking forward to a week in the 60s next week!


  1. You crack me up! Poo for no electricity. Its warming up here quite nicely! We had some sleet a few days this week but its gone now.

  2. Semen Analysis puns X-D haha

    I'm here in Charlotte... I don't know how to deal in this snow. It was supposed to end at 1:00pm according to the forecast an hour ago and as I look out my window @1:42 it's coming down like an angry blizzard...

    Probably means we're about to be pregnant. :-)