Curvy Moi

It's tough being a curvy girl in this world.
There's the constant struggle between self acceptance and self loathing.
And our media outlets and society are so contradictory.
On one hand they're launching campaigns to love yourself while on the other they are constantly showing what you should look like.
It's nasty y'all.

A few weeks ago I went dress shopping and had a terrible experience.
And I may have had an epiphany/breakdown.

As a result, I have some very exciting news!
One of my besties and I are launching a new website. We'll be launching it in just a couple of months, but we are so very excited about it!

It will be a place where the curvy ladies can go to get advice on the most flattering looks for their body types as well as leave refreshed and encouraged.

I can't wait to share it with you all! It's going to be EPIC.
EPIC I say!

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  1. WHAT?!!! This is the first i'm hearing about this? I'm excited about this website.