Funny Friday

Does anybody know what this weekend is? ...........it's DRAGON-CON!!!! This is the festival where all the dorks of America gather to dress up and celebrate their "special powers". No, I'm not a fan, BUT Chris and I enjoyed some serious entertainment by riding up and down Peachtree St in Atlanta looking at all those crazy fools! It was hilarious. We have decided that next year we're going to set up bleachers down there just to watch. You can't help but be amazed that so many people are that crazy about SciFi!

Another funny thing....Chris bought me my camera for my birthday! YAY! He found it really cheap and it was an offer we couldn't refuse. The funny thing is that when the guy called to confirm the order, he told me it was the Japanese model. I'm like ok, whatever. Well, that means that the manual is in Japanese!!! The guy was like, "do you speak/read Japanese?" HA! Then Chris got to thinking, does that mean all the icons and instructions on the actual camera are in Japanese? :) I guess we'll find out soon enough!

That is all.

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