It must be the weather

Well hello! This week has been really weird. It must be all the rainy days because I have been stressed to the max! There is so much going on with school and it's only week 2! Thank goodness I don't have class on Saturday. I've got so many deadlines to meet in order to get into the education program, not to mention paying for school! Apparently the economy is so bad that the student loan companies don't have money to pay the schools! So, it may be mid September before my money comes, if it comes at all. Fantastic! The poor guy working at the bookstore today....I thought he was going to stroke out on me. Maybe he's having a rough week too!
I really miss my mom. Here lately I've gone to pick up the phone to call her, only to realize she's not here. I think the big problem is that I don't know how to cope with it. Every time I think of her, I try not to think of her because I cry. But then I think that I'm going to forget her because I don't let myself think about her. Confused yet? How DO you cope with it? Losing the one person on earth that you were so extremely close to and who encouraged you NO matter what and who believed all your dreams would come true. It's just hard to have to admit she's gone and not coming back.
I miss my friends too. One of my new goals is to be more involved in the lives of my friends and make a better effort of staying in touch.

Just venting. Like I said, must be the weather.

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