Ahhh, Tuesday

Today is like Friday for me! Luckilly I only have to work 2 days this week. I could totally get used to this part-time thing full-time! :) So I've got a few things on my mind today.
This whole gas thing is freaking me out. Actually, I think it's really the whole 2008 election that is freaking me out. I am absolutely terrified of what will happen if Obama gets into office. Now, I'm not usually one to chat about politcs, but this is serious stuff right now. The fact of the matter is, we probably will have some sort of terrorist attack again. If that happens, who do you want in the white house to pick up the pieces and deal with it? I seriously doubt that Obama could tackle that.

Ok, I'm done with that now. On to happier things. Has anyone seen Burn After Reading? It's the new George Clooney and Brad Pitt movie. Chris and I saw it this weekend and it was pretty good. It was definitely a little twisted. The people who made No Country for Old Men made this one too and it was definitely a twisted piece of work! I really hated the way it ended...no closure!

Well, as I've said before this is my year of firsts. Actually I'm calling it "12 months of 25". I started making my list yesterday of everything I want to do, and let me just say I'm excited!!!

That is all.

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