Well, it's official! Chris is on the tour bus with Revive and Third Day. He'll be back on Monday night! It's so exciting. Third Day is our most favorite band eva!!! He's driving to Grand Rapids, MI tonight and they have a show tomorrow. There are 6 shows in all that he's hanging out for. It's been so crazy how this all came about too! A couple of months ago Chris played with this band Everthird, they're some friends of ours, at a competition in Valdosta. Revive just happened to be there and Chris struck up conversation with them. Well about 4 weeks ago, Revive played at our church. While in line, we got to talking with the guitar player's wife, Steph and we exchanged numbers. Well low and behold, I ran into them in a restaurant and we made a dinner date. Long story short, we're really good friends now with Ty and Steph. That being said, Ty asked Chris to drive them for this leg of the tour! How exciting!!!
So, Chris has promised to take lots of pictures and, maybe a few video blogs. Soooo, I will post them as he sends them to me!!! YAY!

So I encourage you to check out the band Revive. They're awesome! You can find them on my myspace and facebook!

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