I'm Back!

Well, I've become really bad at posting lately! What is this once a week crap? Sorry! There just really hasn't been anything too terribly interesting to blog about. I have been so crazy busy with school. It's terrible! This is the last week before finals, so EVERYTHING is due all at once! I'm supposed to be working on an 8 page paper that's due on Saturday. Guess what? I haven't even started!!!!! AND I have 2 papers and a project due tomorrow night. Haven't done that either! Needless to say, I am extremely less than pleasant to be around. However, I have taken time out to do the following things:
Scrapbook with my girls
Take pictures
Gripe at Chris
oh,....and have a slight mental breakdown! Those are always exciting!

Anyway, after Saturday, I'll have a little tiny bit of breathing room. We'll see.
On the up side, I am excited for Thanksgiving. Well, I absolutely HATE all food associated with T-Day, but I love the family time. We are going to spend the first part of the day with Chris's family and then have afternoon desserts with mine!
Yum-O! Then I may go with my best friend shopping the day after. Probably not tho because I am broker than broke.
I am supposed to go Saturday afternoon to do a photo shoot with a local model. We'll see how that turns out! Ok, well that's my rant for the day. I'm sure I'll have more to complain about by the weekend!!! :)

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