WE'RE MOVING!!! Yippee!!! Valentine's weekend we are officially moving out! I am so excited! We got an AMAZING deal! You know what the best part it? I'll actually have room to scrapbook and be crafty! That excites me so much!

Now on to my next curious question! How does one become a blog celebrity? I guess what I'm asking is how do you get a following? I'm still figuring all this blogging stuff out. I would love people to have 329 questions for me! Ha! Lol!!!

Anyway, there is usually always some sort of drama going on in my life. Most of the time I'm not the one who causes it. Well, last night, I caused drama.....a LOT of it! I was only trying to help. Sharing my concerns only mushroomed into a family feud where no one is speaking now. Job well done. I just wish people would put asisde their selfishness and see that they are hurting other people. What may seem like a fabulous idea to one person may not be quite so fabulous to the others involved. Sadly, everyone is caught up in their own pitty party at the moment and they don't have a good point of view right now. And one little person realized the consequences of lying last night and just how much hurt it can cause.

Well looky there. As I'm writing this, the apology comes through. Maybe I got a point across in the midst of it all.

I know this probably is making absolutely no sense, but I just needed to vent.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I dont really know how to either.. I also don't know how to add people to my blog... like how Kristin has you, and Summer... Help me! lol