What a Week!

Wow, what a crazy week! This was my first full week of school and I am EXHAUSTED!!! I'm working my regular 40 hours a week and then have class every Monday through Thursday nights and on Saturday afternoons! Not to mention Sundays are a little crazy with Chris on staff at Life Point, so really there is no down time. On top of it all I have bronchitis and a sinus infection! Ick! Yesterday I didn't go to work. I decided that since I had been fighting this off and on since October, I should probably see the doctor. Now explain to me what the use is in having an appointment at the doctor when they don't call you back until an hour and a half AFTER your appointment time?!?!? I was there for 2 and a half hours and actually spent only 15 minutes with the doctor! Quite frustrating, especially when you feel like crap!

Anyway, I'm really excited for tomorrow. It is our first official Sunday as Chris being on staff and there's a huge new series starting. I'm selling t-shirts tomorrow with the logo Chris designed. Yay hunny! It's really going to be great getting other people excited about starting a revolution in our lives, community and in our world!

Also, this weekend I saw Bride Wars with my bestest friend! Loved it! Sooo cute! Definite chick flick, so don't make the boys sit through it!

Ok, well I'm off to a girls night with Maddie. She desperately needs to get out of the house before she kills the family! Yay for big sisters! :)

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