Happy Happy Friday!

Oh my goodness I am so excited that it is Friday!!!
There's one problem:
I'm sick with a sinus infection and just feel plain icky!
BUT, I am so super excited about doing nothing tomorrow!
I have school from 11-2, but after that, it's just me, the bed and a book.
A school book that it, but nevertheless, a bed is involved.
i'm sending Chris on a play date (haha) so I'll have peace and quiet.
Especially since we have no televisions.
I'm working on that though.
I never knew how awkward silence all the time really was. It's starting to annoy me now.
We've been living in silence for two whole weeks now! You kind of run out of things to talk about.
So now we just going to bed stupid early.
I'm 25! I should not be going to bed at 8:30!!! :)
Oh well, at least we have no excuses for not heading to the gym!
Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy!!!

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