50 Pound Challenge

Ok ok, let me clarify! As most of you know, Chris works on staff at a church. We're getting ready to kick off a Biggest Loser series and the winner gets a cruise for 2. Now, since Chris is on staff, he is not eligible for the cruise. However, Chris does have a lot of weight to lose. So the staff got together and made a bet, that if Chris could lose 50 pounds in the 2 month time frame, they would give him money towards a vacation. Well, I got to thinking, I know he could do this with the amount of weight he needs to lose. I also got to thinking....if we go on a vacation, I definitely do not even want to THINK about getting into a swimsuit with the way I look now. SO, it's a family affair! Even if I don't lose 50 pounds, some is better than none. So beginning Sunday, we are going to try and fit in 2 work outs a day and completely change our eating plan. See, pretty much all I eat is carbs. I like to think of myself as somewhat of a starchatarian. That's my own term. So I figure if I cut carbs, I could lose it easily. I mean, I'm basically a big ball of sugar (cause carbs turn to sugar). This will also help many of my health problems, especially my PCOS. That means I could possibly get pregnant without fertility drugs. The PCOS puts me at high risk for heart disease and diabetes AND considering my dad had his first heart attack at 35, has diabetes, and my mom died of a heart attack, my days are numbered. The odds are not in my favor. Basically I'm sick of struggling with my weight. It has been a life long fight and I'm about to win!!!
So bring it on! I know it's going to be hard. I know I'll probably be crabby. But the end result will be a much better me. We're not stopping at 50 pounds though. I'm kind of thinking of the next two months as a jump start on our lives. I would love to be a runner some day. I would love to run a marathon. I would love for Chris and I to hike and do all that cool outdoorsy stuff. The time has come to make a change. I've realized that complaining about my weight does not help me lose it! :)
So any encouragement you could offer would be absolutely amazing!


  1. Great resolution, stay motivated for the two of you and good luck :). The cruise would be amazing!!

  2. You can do it!
    Sending you loads of positive thoughts.

  3. I KNOW you can both do it! Dont expect to be crabby. As long as you dont deprive yourself, you will not be crabby. Why dont you two to WW? You know 3 people at least that have stuck to it and love it. You can SO do this. Oh and give yourself a reward for every 10lbs. Otherwise you just get bored.

  4. I found your blog through Blog Stalkers Unite (BSU). You CAN do it! Hang in there and stay strong. I'm right behind you...DH and I are working out to get fit for our beach trip in July. I'd LOVE to see some of those Biggest Loser weight loss numbers. LOL! Keep us posted!

  5. Oh my - GOOD LUCK!!! What a fabulously ambitious goal. I hope you lose all of the weight that you hope and then some. :) Weight is a tough thing - I yo-yo all of the time. But when I'm at the right weight I FEEL so much better. I hope you find the same success. :)

  6. i just came across your blog from the "i love bloggers & comments" group.

    i LOVE the biggest loser!! actually i'm going to the casting call in phoenix this saturday. if i don't make it... i'm going to have to start my diet attempt #343508 to lose weight.

    good luck!!!!