Definitely Wednesday

Oh my goodness. I can't believe it's only Wednesday. Then, I'm like, it's definitely Wednesday. What a crappy day!!! Do you ever have those days that just completely wipe you out? Today drained me soooooo much! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?

On to more exciting news. We are 3 days from our biggest task yet: Drop 50 pounds in 2 months!!! Oh yes, starting March 1st, we are on the 50 pound challenge! We lose 50 pounds in 60 days and we get a vacation! That's motivation right? I'm exited and nervous! Should be fun!

Wish us luck!


  1. 50lbs in two months??? Is that safe? That doesnt sound like it is.

  2. Wow. do u have a miracle drug? lol
    Best Wishes!