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Ok everyone! I have joined the fabulous game of This Is. One of the blogs I follow, Carina,does this every Tuesday and she posts a topic and asks everyone to blog about it. This week's "This Is" is This is my favorite person. So, here it goes.
This one was hard for me. I went back and forth trying to decide. First I thought of Jesus, my savior. Then I thought of my mom, then my grandaddy. But, I decided to go with someone that I am able to interact with now. So then I went back and forth on friends and whatnot.
The deciding factor:
Who do I love being around more than anyone else. This is going to be cheesy....
But I decided it was my hubby, Chris. He is my favorite person.
See the truth is, I am very hard to live with.
In fact, I can be downright super mean A LOT! I tend to take everything out on him.
But Chris, being who he is, just lets me get it all out and then we have a nice time together.
I've never experienced unconditional love from someone other than a family member.
I truly know that no matter what, he will always love me.
Chris is my favorite person because:
1. He loves Jesus so so much.
2. He accepts me and all my ridiculous shortcomings, craziness, and mood swings. :)
3. He has a heart for people that are hurting
4. He ALWAYS makes me laugh hysterically
5. He's a ton of fun

We have been together almost five years, and that has been some of the hardest times of my life. I don't know what I would have done if he wasn't the one holding me when I found my mom dead. Or when my grandaddy died a year later.
You see, he is my strength.
And a lot of times I don't express very well just how much he means to me.
But I don't know how to accurately express the world.

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  1. aww perfect chocie for a favorite man. Sweet and personal too.