We have been cultured...

So for the last couple of months, Chris and I have been talking about all the things we want to do in Georgia to become a little more exposed to the arts and various things our state has to offer. Interestingly enough, I got free tickets to the Atlanta Ballets' Dracula last night.
So we went.
And....it was....umm.......let's say interesting.
This was our first ballet. Quite comical actually. We were all dressed up!

The first act. Very intense. At the end of it we just looked at each other because we had NO idea what was going on.
All we gathered was that there were some women dancing very "naughty" over the man, and then Dracula danced a little naughty with him too! Wow!!!
I was freaking out. I thought, maybe we should go research the story of Dracula when we get home and maybe we'll get it.
Apparently, that's what the program is for.
It gave a synopsis of each act.
Much better.

Hated act 2.

The end was pretty interesting. Definitely a long ballet. Almost 3 hours!
We were not prepared for that.

In the end, I'm glad we did something different.
I can check something off my list.
Chris...well he'll probably never go to another ballet again.
The Nutcracker is still on my list though.

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