Reality Check

Every once in a while, something happens that will shake you up. That something will make you realize that each breath we take is truly a gift. I've been following the Whatever blog (on my blog list) for several months, and a few days ago her blog was asking for prayers for her friends and their baby Cora who was just diagnosed with cancer. This story truly touched me. So, I've been following their progress...and sadly, Cora died this past weekend. Can I tell you how upset this made me? I have never had any type of communication with this family in Kansas, but yet I was crying like it was my baby!!! I just couldn't imagine that.
But, it makes you think.
How many things every day do we take for granted?
When my mom passed away unexpectedly, I never would have dreamt that the night before would be the last time I told her I loved her.
You just NEVER know what's ahead.

So, today, I encourage you to really take a look around you and realize that we're not promised tomorrow.
Cherish the people in your life.
Love a little more.

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  1. ..Thats really sad, I cant imagine how she feels. I'd probably break down, I hope she gets the courage. When we see people lose someone / something so precious in life, it's such an eye opener.