Happy Times

Ok I know my last few blogs have been quite depressing. Sorry about that - just going through a little funk I guess. So, I've decided to write about something happier.
What could that be you ask?
MOVING TIME!!!!!!!!!!
This is the most exciting thing to happen in a long time.
Now, normally I HATE moving.
This time, not so much. I'm loving the idea.
We're finally having a space of our own again!!!!

Now don't get me wrong. I am so extremely thankful to my in-laws for letting us stay with them the last 6 months. It was truly a life saver.
However, it is very difficult for two families to live together.
More than anything, I'm excited for my kitty cats.
They will finally have free reign of our new apartment. They need some exercise too.

So, I'm working a half day today, and then off the rest of the week.
Move in day is Friday.

I'll post some pics of the new place this weekend and keep you updated as we make improvements.
You know what the best part is?
I have a blank canvas of apartment space for decorating and getting crafty!!!
You have NO idea how happy that makes me.

Oh and here are a few more things that make me tear up with joy:
Using Tide laundry detergent
Using Quilted Northern toilet paper

Oh my goodness, I have to stop myself. This is ridiculous to be this excited over toilet paper!


  1. understandable :) your own place of freedom, after all :)

  2. You are excited about buying groceries!?!?! Man that is going to wear off! haha

    I cant wait to see the place. You just give me a time and day and Ill bring my yummy dessert. Something special for the occasion