I NEED A VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness, life here lately is just going non-stop. No time to enjoy it or stop and embrace it. Oh no!
It's more like a race.
Or a tornado.
Hurricane maybe.

So it's Monday, and another weekend has flown by! I was excited about my weekend of nothingness......
only if that's what it was.

Saturday was rainy and a great day to sleep in. Then we got up, went to the church to finish a few things before Sunday, had a nice Japanese lunch (yummmmmmmm!), and ran a few errands.
BUT then.....
my cat went crazy.

You see, Gracie, my little kitty, has a bit of a mean streak. We like to call her the Spawn of Satan. She usually attacks everyone except me.
Well apparently she is in heat right now and very agressive. And, well, she lost her mind a bit on Saturday afternoon. She was lying in my lap and every time Chris would speak, she would bush out, run and attack our other cat, then attack Chris, then come attack me! She was literally chasing us around the apartment. We finally had to throw a little water on her and I put her in the cat carrier. So, for the last few days she has been locked in the sunroom. It's funny b/c it feels like we're at the zoo watching the tigers or something.

So now it's going to cost me $250 to get her shots up to date and get her fixed. This will take place on Wednesday.

As if that wasn't enough, the washer broke. So we went to the local coin laundry mat - which isn't exactly in the greatest area of town if you get my drift.

Moving right along, after that whole fiasco, we decided to go through the boxes that haven't been unpacked yet. We made great progress and I'm very excited by this.
Now, as soon as I get some furniture, I'll have somewhere to put it.

We made our final paint color choices yesterday. The foyer will be "Asparagus" with black and white photos hanging. Then there will be 1 red accent wall in the living room. This will tie in the dining room and sunroom. Ahh, I feel so much better now that we have made a decision. I forced Chris to think about it with me last night. So now we have to come up with a design that is equally homey (me) and hip (Chris). Should be fun!

Sundays are always hectic being that Chris works on staff at the church. Last night we had a really good dinner to thank all of our volunteers. It was a lot of fun.

Now, I just need a vacation. I am in desperate need of a beach. I think we're going to try and go in May after I finish this semester. Oh how lovely that sounds. Now I just need to plan it. Maybe we'll do a cruise...may actually be cheaper. We'll see.

So that was my weekend....how was yours?


  1. You really deserve a vacation, especially with your cat acting up. Did you bring her to the vet to get diagnosed?

  2. Well, I'm taking her to the vet Wednesday. They think she just needs to be spayed and that will fix her. We'll wait and see I guess! :)

  3. Hahahah Gracie!

    Too bad you cant go on vacation at the end of April. You could go on my cruise with me....$249 a person!! When does school end for you? We leave April 27 and its only 4 days! Make this happen! (plus it would help matt actually go to dinner with me....apparently the thought of sitting with strangers scares him....of all the things)