My Crazy Life

Ok, so I've been a little behind lately and going out of my mind! As I said earlier, we just moved. We have no television and we haven't bought internet yet. So we were one of those hated wifi stealers. Well, the wifi we were using "lovebird", decided they would lock it! So now I have no tv and no internet. I caved in and got Chris an iPhone on Monday, so we had a little form of internet, but not enough space for me to do my daily blog stalking!
Sunday, my inlaws' dog had puppies. Baby Beagles. The cutest things ever. I have pictures that I will upload as soon as I have internet and camera at the same time. I'm blogging on a break at work right now, so I must hurry.

So yesterday I'm on my way to school only to find out that the campus is on lock down because an escaped prisoner decided that a college was a great place to hide! So classes were cancelled.

Well yesterday was day 2 of our weight loss challenge. I have to say it's going surprisingly well. The eating part at least. We haven't made it to the gym yet. That will start tomorrow. But, last night we decided we would try something healthy from the Chinese place that everyone had been talking about. Let me just say, it was super nasty!!!!! The won ton soup tasted like dirty feet water or something. It was gross! So we threw it away and made a healthy chicken wrap. Yummy. Much better.

So hopefully today is off to a better start. I'm going to see the puppies tonight after school and I'm trying to convince myself that I don't need one!!!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Wonton soup? Im not a big fan myself. :P

  2. Escaped prisoner and dirty feet water all in one day? Goodness! I've never been a fan of wonton soup, but the chicken wrap sounds De-Lish!