Tuesday This Is....on Wednesday

Oh my goodness, I'm so far behind on my blogging! So this week's "This Is" is This is my home. Well, my home is under renovation so to speak at the moment. Chris and I just moved to the Smyrna area in Georgia. We pretty much have no furniture, so we get to start from scratch. I'm trying to plan a flea market day with one of my friends so we can hopefully get some good finds. It's kind of like a blank canvas right now, so I'm trying to decide what style to go with. I'm somewhere of a mix between contemporary, homey and traditional. I want it to be comfortable. I am a photographer, so I love love love black and white photos. Those will somehow be incorporated. I'll be sure to post pictures once the place is put together.

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  1. Go with me on Saturday! What time is your class?? I think you should tell your teacher that the fugitive has traumatized your week and you cant make it to class. He traumatized my night last night. And then i found out he was bring arrested for credit card fraud....murder sounds more exciting