Good Friday

So who's totally excited about the weekend? That would be me!
It's really going to be quite the emotional roller coaster.
Tonight I am super pumped because we are going to a Good Friday service at the Verizon Amphitheater in Alpharetta. None other than Louie Gigleo will be speaking....I LOVE HIM LOVE HIM LOVE HIM!!!! And on top of that, Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels will be performing. I super love them! The event is rain or shine. Looks like I might be singing in a hail storm tonight with the weather around here.

Saturday should be interesting. It's my mom's birthday. She would have been 51 tomorrow. I think my grandmother and I are going to put new flowers on her grave. This gets harder every year. May 1st will be 3 years since she's been gone. But, she's experiencing the awesomeness of Easter in a way we can only imagine. This year I've decided to celebrate her memory. So I've asked all my family to send me their favorite memory of her. And then I will compile it all with pictures in a scrap book all about her.

Then of course, there's Sunday. Easter Sunday. It's like the super bowl of churches. This is the time of year that the Chreasters come out (those who only go to church on Christmas and Easter) :). So, we have been working all week on getting things together for a really cool Easter experience at church. It's exciting that new faces will see what God is doing in our community. We have a new website up too. Chris helped design it so I'm pretty proud! www.rememberlifepoint.com And then after church, we'll head up to Cartersville to see my family. I'm supposed to make a chocolate dessert....have no idea what I'm making. Any ideas? Recipes???

Today I'm really trying to realize just what happened on Good Friday over 2000 years ago. Jesus became the sin that God hated in order for us to have the greatest gift ever given. In a sense, Jesus was God's engagement ring to us - proposing to us a new life - a better life. What more could we ask for?

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  1. I have a FAB recipe for self-saucing hot fudge cake. It's SUPER easy - looks like it's difficult and everyone I've ever made it for LOVES it. :) hit me up at daisy[at]australiandaisy[dot]com if you're interested. I usually make mine gluten-free but I used to make it NORMALLY and it was even better (so I'd give you the normal version of course.) And wow this comment is like WOW long - sorry!!!