Seriously! Why do people feel the need to lie? Maybe, just maybe, if they took the time to figure out the problem, they wouldn't have to lie! I'm sorry, last time I checked, families were supposed to work through issues, not try to sweep it under the rug! Because guess what???? The problem DOESN'T GO AWAY!!!! I am just so super frustrated right now, and I know all of this is very vague, but I can't exactly go into details here.
FYI...I HATE LIARS!!!!!!!!!
Hate them.
No use for them.

Maybe there is a spurt of wisdom in the Bible where it talks about leaving your families to start your own. It's like the more you put in to a family, the more crap you get out of it. I can only hope I'm a better parent as a result of all this.


  1. Hi! I just ran across your blog and it looks neat, hope you don't mind if I follow you.

  2. I had some major family drama over Christmas - love my fam to the limits of the universe but you may be right about the wisdom in starting your own. Of course we'll always love our families unconditionally but that doesn't mean we have to besties with ALL of them. :)