What A Weekend!

It's Monday so soon? This weekend went by wayyyyy too fast! What a crazy last few days it's been. Friday night was my mother in-law's birthday, so we ran by her house after work to wish her a Happy Birthday!!! Then we went home and cleaned until 1am!! My cousin from Texas flew in on Saturday to spend the weekend with us. We picked her up about 2:30 and then went to Piedmont Park for the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. I feel confident that all 7 million people that live in Atlanta were there! It took us an hour of driving in circles to find a parking spot! After the festival, we went to Blue Moon Pizza and had a nice dinner on the patio. The weather was perfect! Then of course yesterday we spent a good bit of time at church, but afterwards, we took her to the outlet mall in Dawsonville. Love me some shopping! Surprisingly enough, I did not buy one single thing this weekend! After shopping we went to Five Guys Burgers. That was my first time eating there.....pretty yummy! However, I was not to keen on paying $10 a person for a burger and fries! Still yummy though! We dropped her off at the airport this morning. I was sad to see her go! It's so funny because we just met a few years ago but became really close really quick. We're so much alike. It's almost like we're kindred spirits. Like this weekend, one of us would be thinking something and the other would say it! I love her bunches!
So now time to start yet another week. Only 2 more weeks of school!!!! I cannot express how happy this makes me.
Happy Monday!

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