Absolute Craziness!

Well, the last couple weeks have been super crazy! And I do mean super crazy! This week is finals at school. I took one last night, have one tonight, and one on Saturday. AND THEN......I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!! There seriously not enough words to describe how amazingly ecstatic I am about this!!!
This means that I can actually go home after work and cook dinner.
I can actually do hang out with people.
I can sleep in on Saturday.
I can get into a workout schedule.
The possibilities are endless!

We've had some pretty cool stuff happen though! Some friends of ours just bought a new tv so they gave us their older one. We were so super excited and thankful since we didn't have a tv. The cable will be hooked up on Monday! Ahhhh, my first day of no school, coming home from work at 5 and having cable and internet! Finally back to civilization!
Then my wonderful friend Leslie was a bit of an angel this past weekend. See, we didn't have a dining table either. Well she found us the cutest little table and chairs at a yard sale for super cheap! AND she left it at our doorstep, so when we got home Saturday night, there was this table and chairs sitting at our front door.

I felt so BAD when we got it too. See, Saturday was a bit of a rough day. I needed to study for finals and there was so much to be done at the church, so Chris and I worked ALL day there. And I was hot and grouchy, so I was complaining a little about spending my entire Saturday (my ONLY off day) working. And then we get home and have this table, and the tv we got Friday night. It was like God was saying, I know you're working extra hard, but let me bless you a little. I am so extremely grateful for our little blessings! And I am incredibly grateful for our church. This is truly the first time that Chris has been in love with his job, and I love it too. It's refreshing to know that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.
However, considering our last 4 1/2 years, it's quite scary for things to be going good for us. I'm still just holding on to Jesus and TRUSTING in Him. I have found that is really the only thing to get us through each day. Knowing that He will place us where He wants us.

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  1. You got weekends to make up for school craziness, onl a day away :)