A Fabulous Day

My friends, this is a glorious day!
Why you ask?
Let me share:
School is FINISHED!
We got CABLE today!
We got INTERNET today!

I have a life again! I got home at 6:00 today!!! How exciting! AND I have watched some of my favorite tv shows!

See I got really angry at Comcast about two and a half years ago and cancelled my service. Since then, we haven't had cable. Well we finally broke down and they came out and hooked us up today. We are part of civilization again!!!!!
So again i say, it's a GLORIOUS day!

Chris and I watched the BEST movie last night - Slumdog Millionaire. I highly recommend it! So good.

Hmm.....what else has been going on? Not too much really.

You know what else is exciting?
I can get back to my old blog stalking self!!!

1 comment:

  1. Slumdog is good. Im sure it didnt do much for the tourism though.

    Lets plan a scrap night. So much to do and now our weekends are free! Im talking PENNING this on the calendar....no ifs ands or buts.