Catch Up

What a weekend! I'm so glad I have today off for Memorial Day! This past week has been so busy! Well Thursday night was Maddie's 8th grade formal. There's a picture of her and her best friend(maddie's on the right). They looked beautiful! Then Friday morning we went to her school for her awards ceremony - she got a social studies award (which especially made me proud since I'm in school to be a social studies teacher) and she had no idea she was getting it! THEN Friday night, I helped chaperone her end of school party that they had at their house. Looks like they had a lot of fun.
It was really funny at her awards ceremony - I started crying like one of the parents b/c she is growing up and going to high school! Chris was like "Pull yourself together!" It was so funny! I guess it just brought back memories for me and there is just so much she's about to be exposed to. So many more important decisions to make and it worries me. I just want her to make the right decisions.
Anyway, I got some scrapbooking finished last night! I finally finished a trip from 2005. I'm slowly getting caught up! Maybe I'll do Christmas for the last 5 years today!!! :) I was hoping to paint my "asparagus" wall, but that doesn't look like it's in the near future!
Tonight we're going to a cookout that will be loads of fun. I love hanging out with our friends!
Well that's all for now. Happy Memorial Day!

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