Who Knew?

Who knew that I would still be so incredibly busy now that school is finished? We litteraly have something going on every single night. Now don't get me wrong - I highly enjoy all that we have planned! I love hanging out with friends and such. There's nothing better! I'm really excited about tonight. On Tuesdays a few ladies from the church go walking. I'm finally joining in tonight! Yippee!And the guys will be playing softball so it should be much fun. I'm even more excited about having dinner with the Salad Master tomorrow night! Yes, you heard right. It should be rather interesting, so I will definitely post about it Thursday!
Speaking of Thursday.....it's Maddie's 8th Grade Formal! Oh my, she's growing up so fast. Her dress is GORGEOUS! No worries....I'm going over there Thursday night before she leaves to take lots of pictures of her all dressed up. I can't believe she starts high school in the fall. When I first came into the picture she was a sweet little 9 year old. Now she's 14!!!! And of course she's a diva!
Let's see, what else do we have going on? Oh yes, I finally scrapbooked my New York trip from 2007! I am quite behind. I still have stuff from 2004 that needs to be scrapbooked. The sad thing is that I have around 3200 pictures on my computer that need to be printed and scrapped. BUT, I made a deal with myself that no new pics could be printed until I finished what I already have. Lots of pressure!
This weekend was fun....I saw 2 movies! In the theater! This is huge! Friday night was ladies night and we saw Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. So good! And Matthew McConaughey is so delicious to look at! Then Saturday Chris and I saw Angels and Demons - the sequel to the Di Vinci Code. Very good movie. But sad news for Sunday. I was very sick - literally did nothing all day. I think it was because we have been eating healthier and Saturday I had BBQ, popcorn and pizza. Ick! So today I have had a ton of fruit and good things! Alright, now that I have rambled on, I've got to go get some things done.
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I really should hit the movies for Angels and Demons, I heard good reviews :)