This, That and the Other

hello blogworld! it's monday - time for a new week to begin. ah, the weekend just wasn't long enough.
yesterday chris left to go out of town for a few days with work.
so i spent my first night alone in our apartment. definitely interesting. of course my eyes were playing tricks on me and i swore i saw shadows in the dark. finally i made myself go to sleep and shut up. it's bad when you annoy yourself! ;)

yesterday, for father's day, i went and hung out with chris's dad. it was also his little brother's birthday. we spent the entire afternoon at the pool - it was so nice and fun! i'm really thankful that i have a great relationship with my in-laws that it feels like i've always been a part of the family. chris's dad has been more like a father to me than i've ever had. so of course i would want to celebrate father's day with him!

i must be having a bit of a rough week. i have emotionally been all over the place this past week. i hate father's day as much as i hate mother's day but for completely different reasons. mother's day is because i no longer have a mom. father's day is because i have no special father memories. the step dad i had growing up maybe only said a handful of nice things in the 17 years i lived with him. being as i didn't meet my real dad until i was 19 and he lives 700 miles away, it makes it quite difficult for us to work on any kind of relationship. anyway, just one of those weeks.

so now it's monday. a new week. a week that should be very exciting!
my photos from the wedding i shot are finished. however, i don't want to post pictures until i deliver them to her, which should be this week. so by next week, i will definitely have some photos up both here and on my photo blog.
also, i ordered new business cards and those will be in this week too! it's little, but very exciting to me!

one more funny thing....chris left me with "goals" to complete while he is gone. bahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! that is so hilarious to me! he is giving me goals! don't worry, they will not be accomplished. guess he'll just have to help me when he gets back!

happy monday everyone!


  1. Sad to hear father's day isn't pleasant to you either!

    What kind of goals did he leave you with? Funny ones, or just plain housework? lol

  2. He wanted me to clean our spare bedroom and have it organized when he got home. Right now it's stuffed with all the things we haven't unpacked yet.

  3. Sorry about the rough emotional week. =[

    But thanks a ton for the encouragement! I really appreciate it...everything is just so crazy in life right now and sometimes it's just hearing that someone else got through it that helps! I appreciate that.

    Hope you have a FABULOUS brand new week! =]