A Very SERIOUS Addiction

I am ashamed to say I have fallen into the trap of Twilight! OMG it is soooo good. So Monday I read book 1. Yesterday book 2. I'm getting 3 tomorrow and just don't know what I'm going to do until then. I can't believe how they draw you in and you just can't put it down!!! So, I officially love it. AND I officially want an Edward Cullen of my own!!!

Last night I had to force myself not to read - I had to accomplish those "goals" Chris left me! Haha! I'm happy to say it is finished!

So the other day, Chris and I sat down and compiled a very detailed list of how to decorate our apartment. This makes me happy. We hope to have it complete by the fall. I think that would help me a lot with my moods lately - it just feels so bare right now. So, I've decided for a French them in the living room. I cannot wait! Maybe we can go ahead and start painting!

Oh yes, and more exciting news. The photo book from the wedding I did last month and it looks awesome! I am going to try and deliver everything to her this weekend, so once that's done, I'll post pictures.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Can we go back to A Classy Flea again? I am in great need of furniture now that we have a whole new room to furnish

  2. I never read the books, but maybe I should since everybody seems top love the. I saw the first movie though and can't wait for the next one! I love the lion and the lamb comment though!!

  3. Hahaha glad you're converted into Twilightville. LOL. Always nice to know more girls like it!

    Edward is hotness.