Exciting News

So it looks like vacation is back on! Yippee! In 13 days I should be at the beach! This makes me so happy!!!!
School starts back for me August 17, so I desperately need to chill out for a few days!
Life is about to get crazy! I'm working full time and taking 4 classes Mon-Thu. At least this semester I am not taking any Saturday classes.
Weekends will be all mine.

So I have found this fabulous site that you must check out if you are looking for more blogs to follow. You can click here. As of right now there are 685 blogs to choose from! And you can sort by key words or categories! I am so excited by this!
I know what I'm doing tonight!!!!


  1. Take me with you!
    I could use a few days at the beach LoL.

  2. With that crazy schedule next semester you definitely need time at the beach! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Beach sounds heavenly, I can't wait for today to be over because that'll be the end of my summer semester. Looking forward to it!:)

  4. Your fall schedule sounds as busy as mine! Have a FABULOUS time at the beach :)