They Came. They Fought. They Lost.

Oh my goodness, what a night this was! The boys were pumped and ready to go.....that is until the pizza came out. The pictures don't really do justice as to just how big this pizza was. According to the waitress, 2 slices were the equivalent of a 16" pizza!!! AND that's as far as they made it. 2 slices each. BUT apparently that's about where most of the competetors give up. So they weren't failures! The pizza place has been open for 2 and a half years and only had 2 winners.....so this is quite the competition. Apparently the winners were doctors who trained for 4 months! Chris and Ronnie trained for like 3 days!!!
Needless to say, they were both miserable. The thing is covered in meat. The boys said the grease is what got them. Ronnie held his last slice in his hand for 15 minutes before deciding it was over. They just couldn't go any further.
Even though they didn't win, it was a lot of fun! AND the food is very tasty!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. that is sooooo hugeeeee..can i have like a slice? it looks so tasty!

  2. I would be able to do it if it were spinach. Ok who am i kidding...one slice would knock me out

  3. OH my goodness...the pizza is HUGE! WoW...
    I saw your comment on my blog and I LOVE getting new followers/commentors/and friends!
    Thanks for visiting!