My Dear Hubby...

...is at it again! He's always up to something wild and crazy. Well tonight, he and his buddy Ronnie are attacking this:

That would be the Carnivore Challenge at Big Pie in the Sky. It's 11 pounds, 30 inches and covered in meat. 2 people have 1 hour to eat it all and they win $250.

This should be interesting. I'll definitely post pictures tomorrow!


  1. WHOAAAAA that looks pretty juicy to eat, but having to eait it at a time limit may not be appealing enough for me LOL hope your hubby wins the cash!:) Guys are usually so good at this.

  2. I saw that on the Food Network...Man vs Food. Please please please take pictures

  3. Wow. I would be so sick after eating all of that! My hubby loves pizza though...he and a pal could probably eat it all. Can't wait to see more pictures and hear how it went!

  4. I don't know anyone who's done the carnivore challenge, but a friend of mine's mom decided to get the 30" and had to lay the back seats of her car down to get it in, and she barely could even get it in the house. That pizza really is huge!